Your message, product or service at the reach of your customer 100% of the time.

In line at the bank, within the taxi, bus, train, airport, or in many other situations, the tablets and smartphones occupy a prominent role like an inseparable companion for millions of people.

The digital revolution makes great value opportunities for companies that are alert to changing apace. Sending a promotional message, offering or delivering a service to your customer at any moment or in place has become something essential. If your company does not make the appropriate investments in technology and innovation, an attentive concurrent will eventually occupying that space.


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Business needs to become flexible.

Initially seen as luxury items, the smartphones are today an essential gadget for everyone, because through it you can access several online services, from making purchases to accessing internet banking, passing by social networks, e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, allowing you to stay in touch with friends 24 hours a day anywhere.

Nearly a third of the world's population is connected. We have already reached nearly two billion users in the world of mobile devices using Android, iOS and Windows Phone, according to IDC research.

Just look to the side while you are walking down the streets, in the restaurant, on the bus, on the subway or in the mall, it's noticeable how this small and efficient device was integrated into our lives, making it also an excellent investment alternative for good ideas.

In the mobile world, either on smartphones or tablets, applications are the "icing on the cake," making the users' life easier of these devices and making businesses get even closer to their customers.

The applications store of the most popular mobile operational systems (Android and iOS) receive billions of visits every day, It is an excellent platform for the dissemination of your brand or project.

And in a market that has been growing steadily in the recent years, having an application to introduce your company or product turning it into an office extension, can be crucial to your success with customers.



Mobile applications on demand

Mobile application are already part of marketing strategies, sales, products and optimization of the work flow of companies from the most diverse segments of the market. This happens because both collaborators and clients can access your mobile devices at any place and in any time.

e-Solus counts on high quality professionals on the development of applications and with a wide experience in several niches of the market. We work together with our clients on the creation of customized mobile solutions that meet your expectations.

Mobile Applications

If your application offers time saving for the user, or a financial advantage, delivers information of quality, educates, teaches, trains, or generates entertainment, it needs to be available to your target audience independently of the technological platform that they have chosen. Have you considered that?

Above all, we're creative people and we like what we do ;)

We count on a highly professional team that develops projects centered on the client's necessities.
We put all our know-how at the reach of whoever hires us.


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